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When you call on K-Air for new/replacement installation for your residence or commercial units, you can count on the highest quality of work. A NATE Certified technician will walk you through the process step by step so you know exactly what you are receiving. After the completion of your new HVAC unit install, expect not only the job to be done right, but with our K-AIR guarantee.

Don't Forget A/C maintenance: Extend the life of your air conditioner!


ac repairAre you tire of getting air conditioning repair services for your air conditioner? In that case, you need to take a good look at your machine and the way you are taking care of it. Most of the times, air conditioning repair isn't required but because of the negligence on the part of the owner, the machine tends to go out of order and lose its efficiency, thereby calling for the need of repair services. This means that if you take good care of your air conditioner then you might not need to repair it so often! This way, you would also save a lot of money on air conditioning repair.


One of the top tips when it comes to keeping your home air conditioner in top shape would be to ensure that it is running properly at all times. If it isn't then you should definitely call for necessary air conditioning repair. Never make the blunder of putting off necessary repairs because it is not wise to continue operating an air conditioner that has malfunctioned. If you continue to force a malfunctioned unit to run then it might give rise to further problems, even grave ones that can be beyond repair. Most people opt for air conditioning repair or inspection services from air conditioning experts after a season of extensive use; such season is mostly the summer season. By doing this, you will ensure that your air conditioner stays in good shape for the next season. It will also keep the need for air conditioning repair at bay.


It is also advisable to keep things like toys, drapes, furniture and other objects lying around in your room away from the air conditioner's registers. Doing this will allow more free space for your air conditioner to function and it will also improve its efficiency. Another common mistake that people make is that they tend to pile items on or near the unit, this is wrong and if you have such a habit then it is high time you put an end to it. At times, when you call for air conditioning repair, some panels of the unit might become loose due to the carelessness of the repairer. So it is advisable to check all the panels before the person conducting air conditioning repair leaves. If any panel is found to be loose then ask the professional to screw them tight.


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A useful tip to maintain your air conditioning system would be to clean the outside compressor every now and then. You will be surprised as to how a little bit of effort from your end can be so rewarding. A little bit of effort and time invested here will prove to be rewarding because it will save you money which you'd otherwise need to spend for air conditioning repair. You can clean the outside compressor by spraying it with water using a garden hose. Make sure you pat dry it after wards otherwise the unit will need some air conditioning repair soon!


During winter months, it is advisable to cover the compressor. Also, check all the hose connections of the unit for leaks. If there is any then call for air conditioning repair as soon as possible. And while you have the person offering air conditioning repair over at your place, you might as well request him/her to check the condensate tube and see if it is draining freely. One of the secrets of an effective air conditioner is a clog-free condensate tube, so pay attention to it. It pays to have your air conditioner well maintained, so put in some efforts and invest some time, it will surely be worth it!